Product Type >Glass drilling machine
  • The BZ2280 glass drilling machine is suitable for drilling holes on large amount glass processing. It is adopted PLC , preset processing modes and parameters on the touch screen. It is guided by straight slide-way and ball-screw, with its movable-coordinates to position. 2 pairs of opposite drill heads, 2 pairs of orientation, a pneumatic clamp hold the glass with adjustable pressure...

  • The BZ0213 is suitable for drilling hole on different size of glass. It has 2 drills, pulling the hand shank to drill the hole. This machine is equipped with a glass supporting table, to support large glass.

  • The BZ0213AL is suitable for drilling holes semi-automatically on different size glass. It has upper and lower drills, press the bottom and it can drill automatically. A pneumatic working table is useful for supporting large glass, moving glass easily and good orientation.

  • The machine BZ0206 is suitable for small glass drilling. It has 2 drills and a pneumatic clamp, can be used on different thickness of glass.

    This machine is a manual machine, has a stable and good processing effect.